How to Make Coconut Oil

Some people use coconut oil as an ingredient for salad or other foods, while others use it for skin moisturizer. You can take the best benefits by using pure coconut oil, but the readily available products can be pricey in some places. Luckily, you can extract coconut oil at home by using some simple equipment only.

1. Tools You Need

Before you start the extraction procedure, you need to prepare some tools including a blender, a knife, a container, a bottle, some cheesecloth, and a jar. Of course you will also need the coconut. Those things are basically everyday item used in the kitchen, so you should be able to prepare them quickly and easily.

2. Get the Coconut Meat

You will only need to extract the meat of coconut. However, this meat is covered by hard outer shell so you need to shave it off as much as you can. When the first outer layer is removed, coconut has another hard layer covering the meat. You have to cut it in half by using a large knife, and drain the milk into a jar. Now you will be able to easily separate the meat from the shell with the knife. Once separated, cut the meat into smaller pieces.

3. Blend the Coconut Chunks

Pour the entire coconut chunks into a blender and add water. You need 3 cups of water for 2 cups of coconut chunks. Start the blender by pressing the “chop” button. This will basically cut the chunks into smaller pieces once again, making it easier for the blender to do the actual extraction. After few minutes, press the “blend” option until you get a creamy smooth form.

4. Filter the Milk

You must now filter the milk through some layers of cheesecloth into a bowl. Pour the mixture from the blender into the bowl slowly and strain the milk. After every cup of milk, wring the cloth hard enough to get more milk out of it. You may need to remove the coconut flakes on the cloth. Continues doing this until the mixture is completely drained. Seal the bowl and store it in dark room. You must wait for 2 days before you can do the next step.

5. Separate the Oil

After 48 hours, pour the milk into another bottle. Store it at room temperature and wait for at least 6 hours. The milk will naturally separate itself from the coconut oil. Now you will need to put the bottle in a refrigerator to solidify the oil. Once solidified, take the oil and let it become liquid again. The coconut oil is now ready to use.