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Is it ok to put coconut oil in your hair everyday?

Coconut oil is known for having rich carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals which are good for the human body. However, coconut oil is not limited to hair and it also being used as a preparation for cosmetic soaps and creams, and also being used for preparing different kinds of food and salads. It also gives an antioxidant, antiuse coconut oil in your hairfungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties from the coconut oil making it a candidate for keeping the hair healthy.
Antimicrobial properties of the coconut oil are natural treatments for various scalp infections. It also can help remove and kills both the eggs and adult lice in the hair and scalp.

The coconut oil can be used as part of the daily hair care. Using the coconut oil more often will create shinier, creates volume and even boost in the healthy growth of the hair. The total result of using the coconut oil will give improvements in health and strength of the hair.

You may want to use the Coconut oil for the following reasons:
1. Tame frizzy hair
To tame frizzy hair, start with a small amount about ¼ teaspoon – 1 teaspoon of coconut oil depending on hair and warm in the palms of the hands. Smooth through the root tips and may blow dry and have your own desired style for the hair.
Apply small amounts on your split ends and nourish them at the same time.

2. Protection from the sun
Coconut oil has a natural sunscreen with an SPF. You may want to use the coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner for all day protection of your hair. It is also safe for children and effective on adults.

3. Detangling hair
Coconut oil helps break the hair stress on tangled by penetrating the hair shaft. The oil surrounds the hair, making it easier to remove the knots after washing or during the evenings. Apply small amounts through the hair and paying more particular on tangled areas and damaged ends using tooth comb starting from the bottom.

4. Conditioner and Moisturizer
To condition:
– (Short Hair) Start with small amounts (1/4 teaspoon) and warmed in your palms.
– (Long and Thick Hair) Start with ½ tablespoon.

You may sparingly use coconut oil on thinner hairs, this might weigh down the hair if it has been used too much.
As intensive conditioner to bring back the healthy hair, after using a gentle natural shampoo, apply 1 teaspoon for short hair, 2 teaspoons for shoulder length and 1 tablespoon for long hair. Apply into the hair shafts and rub into the scalp. Cover with shower caps and leave for 1-2 hours or overnight for best results. Rinse and wash with gentle shampoo.

Using coconut oil as part of the daily hair regimen will avoid harmful chemicals that are readily made in commercial hair care products. Hair can be maintained by protecting from the harmful chemical elements, keeping it strong, being nourished, shiny and manageable by simply switching and using coconut oil as a conditioner, for styling, hair growth, anti-dandruff and even treat lice.

Can I apply coconut oil on my hair?

Can I apply coconut oil on my hair? Will it damage the color?

People would love experimenting on their hairs using harmful chemicals that will cause their hair to be dry and brittle. Hair color distracts the structure and follicle health of the hair. The substance of the dye opens the cuticle of the hair and will pass through the cortex to destroy the melanin pigments. Thus, the effects on the hair after using chemicals are dry, porous and it will easily break. In comes coconut oil, a healthy natural solution.

Coconut oil can be applied on a treated hair especially on dyed hairs since it keeps the hair shimmering and soft. Apply with warm oil at night and wash or rinse the hair the next morning. It can be repeated every few days to maintain strong, healthy and conditioned hair.

Coconut oil has a high moisture retaining capacity since it is not easily broken down nor evaporated that keeps its stability. The amount of oil should always be according to the hair length of the user. Overusing the coconut oil will weigh hair down losing its volume.

The natural effect of hair colors will always be devastating. All usual hair colors contain hydrogen peroxide and this will cause severe oxidative damages to hair and scalp. The copper and iron (metals) from tap water or in hair products reacts with hydrogen peroxide and precipitates in the protein layer of the hair. The results of the procedure will lead to radical free formation that begins a chain of oxidative damaging the hair shafts and follicles

Coconut Oil for Hair recipe

  • Start applying an amount of a teaspoon size of oil in the palm of your hand. Coconut oil will turn into a liquid at 760 Fahrenheit and it is easier to use in the solid white state. You can refrigerate the oil for a bit to get the consistency if needed, very cold or frozen coconut oil will be difficult to scoop it out.
  • warm oil in the palm of your hands a bit and start massaging the oil into the ends of your hair, start to work up going to the scalp
  • On thicker hair, you can use hair clips to separate out and make sure all the hair will be saturated with oil. Thicker hair will usually require much more oil than the thinner hair
  • Comb through your hair and leave it for at least 10 minutes – overnight. Applying coconut oil daily won’t overdo the process.
  • Then shampoo and condition hair as normal.

To avoid greasy, oily and flat hair after using coconut oil just rinse the oil out of your hair. If you were not able to remove the oil out, you may rinse it a few times. Once the hair is dried and oil free the hair will be soft and silkier as the end result without looking greasy at all.

You may want to have pre-dying treatment using the coconut oil since it protects from peroxide that damages the hair. It will also increase dye uptake that results to have a harmonious and vibrant hair color.